Tejo ‘doodles’ his own path

By Konica Kamra


“For me, doodling is about drawing whatever you can think of, or better yet, don’t think,” he said fiercely.

Tejo Guna, took a drop from VNIT Nagpur, where he was doing his engineering to become a doodle artist. Born in Nakrekal, he has moved from place to place to showcase his artwork.
He thinks doodling is not just about holding a marker but one should also have an interest in drawing. “For me, doodling is about drawing whatever you can think of, or better yet, don’t think,” he said fiercely. When his words are not able to interact with people, his doodles do. And for him, doodling is like battling with boredom.
From customizing coffee tumblers to doodling on the walls of cafes and restaurants, to doodling on cars, he has completed more than 200 gigs. “The best part about my work is detailing from which I try to bring out a story through my artwork,” he said. Talking to blank walls when he's not capturing his improvised art in a sketchbook, Tejo has become famous for his on-the-spot epic doodle masterpieces. “I love drawing since childhood and surprisingly my parents didn’t expect that I would turn out to be an artist,” he said giggling. His striking attention to detail makes each piece unique and original.
His work stems from incessant doodling, often laced with wild detailing shapes and patterns.  “He is one of the great budding artists; he always chooses the most challenging path and lays his heart onto. Dropping out from the engineering college was the most courageous decision he took, which many of them couldn’t. I always found him drawing on the walls, books, desk and he is very passionate about what he does,” Visarg Shah, a senior of Guna at VNIT said.
Equally happy filling sketchbook or drawing directly on a wall, Guna has recently received attention from various states of the country, though he's been drawing all his life. “Other artists inspire me to keep me going,” he said with a beaming face.
In Guna’s case, seeing is believing, and thankfully his Facebook page is chock full of brain-tingling amazing pieces. The artist says: "I observe things all the time. I don’t take references while I’m drawing, but I’m always collecting visual resources."
“I get calls from different states for my work, mostly from start-up companies. Currently, I’m working with K-Hub, a digital marketing company,   since six months. Everyone has their turning point in life for me it was my second year of the engineering college. I stopped drawing to get a rank and score well in my academics. I wanted to pursue fine arts after my 12th, but my parents were weaving different dreams for me. I locked my dreams, temporarily, in some obscure corner and started chasing marks. But, somehow I no longer could take it and chose my own path,” he said. “I’ve some unfinished artwork, which I started long back and kept it aside so would like to finish it, first,” he added.  His eye-catching doodle style is inspired by a strange mix of people.
“My parents started believing in me and they can see me settling in my own doodle world. Gaining their trust was the biggest thing that I achieved because it took me seven years to convince them, and the best thing about it is, I never gave up,” he said
His books of the 10th and 12th standard are scribbled with doodles. He loves watching cartoons, but not manga or anime. “Currently, I’m addicted to ‘Family Guy’,” he said with a beaming face. He also likes listening to folk studio songs.
“Camping late in the night with camera in my hand is my favourite weekend activity.  I’m a hard-core non-vegetarian, who prefers home-cooked food. I don’t mingle with everyone and only my close friends know the craziest side of mine,” he said in one breath.
He dreams of creating his own comic universe, with his own characters and where he portrays his own thoughts. He is looking for college abroad for Arts and wishes to do an internship in Marvel or Disney. He talks and walks with his imaginary characters.  
“Following your passion is the ultimate happiness and satisfaction one can get in life,” Guna sighed. Take a dip into his finest artworks and photography!





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