Best Breakfast places to explore in Bangalore

By Manasvini Paul


All Happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

Begin your day with a perfect breakfast that Bangalore has to offer. Each of these breakfast places have something yummy to offer and keep you full till one is hungry again for lunch. Think eggs, sausages, waffles, hash browns, delicious omelettes and much more.

  1. Koshy’s

Koshy is one of Bangalore’s oldest restaurants situated on St. Marks Road. It was founded in 1940 by the Koshy’s family who hail from Mavelikkara in Kerela. The restaurant has transformed to become a common meeting point for journalists, artists, theatre groups and many foreigners. Koshy’s breakfast menu has everything on offer, from different types of eggs, such as poached eggs, scrambled eggs to ham sandwiches and fries to charm the hungry. Not only that, their famous breakfast platter consists of fried sausages, omelettes and baked bean toasts. If one feels too heavy after eating all this, they can have Koshy’s famous coffee to bring it all down.

  1. 154 Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club spoils foodies with a variety of options to choose from. The vegetarian platter strives to delight as it includes mushroom ragout, baked beans and potatoes, grilled tomatoes which are served with toast and fresh salad. The non vegetarian platter doesn’t disappoint either teasing customers into having sausages, bacon, baked beans, potatoes, grilled tomatoes and eggs. Are your taste buds tickling already? Visit 154 Breakfast Club in Koramangala 3rd Block. 

  1. Cafe Noir

Located on Lavelle Road, Cafe Noir treats hungry foodies to a French and American breakfast. The English breakfast is out of this world but is only available on the weekends. It is worth the wait and your money as it consists of two eggs loaded with mushrooms, cheese, ham, bacon or bell peppers or a simple cheese omelette. If you would like more meat on your platter then do order for sausages and chicken ham.

  1. Lot Like Crepes

Lot like Crepes is located in Koramangla and serves a different breakfast in comparison to its competition. They will give you mini pancakes with whatever toppings and sauce you would like. Along with the pancakes you would also be rewarded with mushrooms, eggs, chicken ham sausages and potato hash. This meal will keep you full the entire day.

  1. Connie’s Restaurant

The Connie’s restaurant is situated in St Thomas Town in Kammanahalloi. This restaurant has three types of breakfast for one to choose from. Their menu offers the ‘Lazy Breakfast’ which includes juice, a club sandwich and a coffee. If you want to have a breakfast like the queen then you should go for the queen breakfast. The queen breakfast includes four chicken cold cuts and sausages along with unlimited eggs, bread, juice and cold coffee to beat the heat. However the king’s breakfast is what is known as the ultimate breakfast. This breakfast has two pork cold cuts plus the queen’s breakfast to accompany it.

  1. A Cafe.

The A Cafe in Koramangala serves all day breakfast for those who can never seem to decide as to what to eat and when. The Belgian waffles dripped with honey and served along with bananas and whipped is something that you should start with.  If you want to skip something sweet and eat something in the savoury section then one should look at their salads where the sandwiches are placed. According to LBB, one should try their Pesto Mesto Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich is served with bell peppers, chicken, tossed in pesto and olive oil and stuffed into crispy toasted bread.

  1. BelgYum

BelgYum is located in Whitefield’s phoenix market. If you want to skip on the savoury and eggs, then you should head to BelgYum for some airy waffles. According to LBB, the best waffle is the Chocolat Belg. The super crunchy waffle come soaked in warm, Belgian chocolate sauce. The sauce is spread all across the waffles and makes it rather yummy to eat. The best part is you can have as many as these waffles are so light that you won’t stop at one.



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