Street Artist Follows His Dreams Relentlessly

By Abhishek Mitra


Md. Tausif recounts his journey from a wielder in a factory to a locally known graffiti artist

For a 29-year-old Md. Tausif, following his passion for drawing and origami was a distant dream coming from a small town Khardah near Kolkata. Now a famous street artist in Khardah doing graffiti, he was born in a slum where life was not a walk in the park for him and his family. He completed his schooling from Saraswati Vidyamandir and later attended Mahadevananda College. He dropped out mid way as his only aim was to become an artist.
Tausif participated in numerous competitions in school and won accolades for his artistic skills. He learnt to draw on his own and never watches and copies another art-work; it is his imagination is his greatest inspiration. “I was born to draw and I love to draw. Nothing except art interests me. My parents never supported me completely as they always wanted me to complete my studies and work in some factory,” says Tausif. He began his career as a wielder in a small wielding company close to his house after completing his schooling. Six months later, he joined Texmaco as a laborer in the factory for a year and left his workplace without informing anyone. Pressure from home mounted to find a job and he went to Visakhapatnam to study at an institution to learn some skills.
Within three months Tausif was back home from Vishakapatnam and a completely a changed person. He was ready to do work sincerely and support his family. He started working at a Metro construction site in Howrah, Kolkata for four years. According to him, that was the perfect time to leave the job and start his drawing career seriously. He began freelancing and never stopped chasing his dream. Gradually he became a famous artist in his locality; he started creating small statues with thermocol and now designs for mosques walls during their festivals and celebrations.
“I cannot survive or do anything which never interests me, but at the same time I care for my family, So I worked for 4 years and earned few thousand rupees which I handed to my mom for my younger sister’s marriage. My father retired years ago and always needed a helping hand at the same. He wants me to work outside India as a wielding expert but I have never fulfilled his expectations,” Tausif added.
His father, Md. Iqbal Aslam says, “I have never supported my son but I never stopped believing in his extra ordinary talent and from a house where everyone is illiterate. Tausif started drawing from very early age; he never went to any drawing school or never learned from experts. He gradually developed his talent as he grew up but I still feel he should work, earn and look after his family.”
Tausif is now a famous street artist in Khardah doing wall art and graffiti with the support of local NGOs and his friends. His only focus is to draw and earn through his works. Tausif wants to show his father and others, no talent is wasted in this world. 



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